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Department of Exercise & Health
Sport Science
Study Program
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Contact Persons

AStA (Main Office)

→ copy service, certifications, financial matters, job market, university politics, etc.


Office: ME U 205

Office hours: Tue – Thu, 10 am – 3 pm (only certifications at the moment!)

AStA Copy Service

document-printing or –copying  (assignments, reader, etc.)


Office: ME U 210

Office hours: Tue - Thu, 10 am - 3 pm 

ASV (“Ausländische Studierenden-Vertretung”) - International Student Union

→ represents all international students and helps with various matters (e.g. accommodation, job search, registration authorities, etc.); promote cultural activities, etc.

Phone: +49 5251 - 60-5314


Location: Peter-Hille-Weg 9, 33098 Paderborn

Office hours: Tue 11 am - 1 pm

Examination office

→ advice regarding all exam-related questions; processing of exam-admission and registration, and withdrawals from examinations due to illness; administration of records of achievement; issuing of certificates; …

Ms. Adelheid Günther 

Phone: +49 5251 60-3139


Office: C2.229

Office hours: Tue - Thu 09:30 am - 11:30 am

IMT (Information and Media Technologies Center)

→ technical issues (software, VPN, etc.), device support, borrowing devices (“Media”), PAUL support, etc.

Phone IT: +49 5251 60-5544

Phone Media: +49 5251 60-2821


Office hours: Hotline, Mon - Thu 8:30 am - 4 pm, Fri 8:30 am - 2 pm

International Office

→ questions regarding studying and living in Germany; information about going abroad; German courses; financial matters; etc.

English Master Programs - Contact Person: Mr. Matthias Funayama-Thordsen


Office hours: currently no counselling hours

Application Hotline: +49 5251  60-1818, Tue 10 am - 12 pm & 2 pm - 3.30 pm, Wed 12 pm - 2 pm, Thu 9 am - 11 am

Service Center

→ questions regarding re-registration, change of study subject, issuing replacement or additional documents, accident reports, general information, ...

Phone: +49 5251 60-5040


Room: B0.140

Opening hours: currently no counselling hours (mail or phone only)

Study Program Coordinator:

→ questions regarding the study program in general; modules M3, M4, M10, & M12

Dr. Kirsten Reinecke

Phone: +49 5251 60-3182

Fax: +49 5251 60-3088


Office: SP 1 521

Office hours: currently with appointment only

Zentrale Studienberatung (ZSB)

Phone: +49 5251 60 2007
→ for students and those who are interested in studying at UPB; all questions regarding the studies and also psychological issues


Enquiries and appointments: Telephone, video chat: Mo - Thu 9 am - 3 pm; Fri 9 am - 1 pm


In case of severe psychological issues, please contact LWL clinicum



The University for the Information Society