Sports Didactics and Pedagogy

The working group of Sports Pedagogy is interested in educational, learning and development processes in school sport and in sport settings outside of school.

The research works are based on two main research domains:

1) empirical research in school sports and

2) pedagogical orientated research on health.

Studies in school sports focus mainly on teaching and learning processes in physical education (e.g., teaching in heterogenous classes), on students´ behaviour and perspectives on physical education and on the professional development of (future) physical education teachers. Health studies involve mainly children and youngsters. Body dissatisfaction, physical activity and psychosocial markers (e.g., anxiety, disordered eating, well-being) are tackled. Furthermore, the research group is specialized in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative programs for the promotion of physical activity and for the support of personal development.

With regard to teaching, the working group coordinates the educational bachelor and master courses. In cooperation with the working groups Childhood and Youth Research in Sports as well as Inclusion in Sports, we are responsible for the pedagogical input in all study courses.  



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