An­ge­wand­te Sport­psy­cho­lo­gie

Raum: SP1. 410

Sportpsychologen: Frederik Hellermann (Doktorand), Änne Wetzel (Doktorandin)

Ak­tu­el­le For­schungs­the­men

  • Psychological training and coaching
  • Psychological diagnostics
  • Counselling at the youth academy
  • Mental imagery in sports
  • Pre-competition emotion


Psychological Training and Coaching at the Football Youth Academy of SC Paderborn 07 (11.2013-06.2017; Dr. Nils Gatzmaga & Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt; SC Paderborn 07)

Development of a Best-practice Model for Mental Training in a Regional Sports School (09.2015-07.2018; Änne Wetzel & Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt; Stiftung Westfalen)


Mental Imagery in Sports (since 04.2019; PhD project of Frederik Hellermann)
Emotion Regulation in Competitive Sports (since 09.2015; PhD project of Änne Wetzel)
Emotional Intelligence in Team Sports: The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and the Perception of Non-verbal Behavior in Football (11.2013-06.2017; PhD project of Nils Gatzmaga)


  • SC Paderborn 07 (Football)
  • Paderborn Untouchables (Baseball)

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Frederik Hellermann

Psychologie und Bewegung

Mentales Training im Sport, Sportpsychologische Betreuung im NLZ des SC Paderborn 07

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