Biomechanical Institute

Lindenplatz Clinic in Bad Sassendorf

Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck (Associate Professor)

Team: Dr Juliane Pietschmann

Current Research Topics

  • Orthopedic-traumatological rehabilitation and prevention
  • Functional and performance diagnostics
  • Biomechanics of the human gait
  • Stance, gait and running analysis
  • Static and dynamic spine analysis
  • Feedback-based gait training
  • Sports with endoprosthesis
  • Muscle function analysis (EMG)
  • Jump analysis
  • ACL prevention


RehaToGo - A mobile movement-tracking feedback-system for gait analysis to optimize stationary therapy in gait rehabilitation (10.2019-06.2023; PI's Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck & Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt; EFRE-0801750, GE-2-2-014B). Internal link for further information: LINK

ProCare - A prevention programme for nursing homes (11.2017-09.2020; PI's Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck & Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt; TK Hamburg)


Back to normal gait - Gait analysis and feedback-based gait training in orthopedic rehabilitation with hip or knee endoprosthesis

Spine analysis in orthopedic rehabilitation

Sports with endoprosthesis

Biomechanics of alpine skiing

Protecting styles in alpine skiing

Effectiveness of hip and back protectors in everyday life and sports

Biomechanics of walking, nordic walking, spring stick walking and cross-shaping

Serious game for thrombosis prophylaxis

Technical Equipment and Software

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