Movement Science Lab

Room: Sp 0 433

Head of Lab: PD Dr. Iris Güldenpenning

Team: Linda Margraf

Current Research Topics

  • augmented feedback
  • instruction
  • motor automatization
  • mental rotation
  • neural correlates of processing instructions and feedback
  • genetic influences on motor learning


Effects of augmented feedback valence and augmented feedback frequency on motor automatization

(since 06/2012 ; Daniel Krause, Manfred Agethen, Christina Zobe, Klaus Blischke [Saarland University])

The role of dopaminergic enzymes for neural processing of augmented feedback and motor learning

(since 6/2014; Daniel Krause, Linda Margraf, Larissa Arning [Ruhr University Bochum], Klaus Blischke [Saarland University], Matthias Weigelt)

Neural correlates of augmented feedback processing in motor learning

(since 10/2017; Daniel Krause, Linda Margraf, Lisa Maurer [Justus Liebig University Giessen], Laura Faßbender, Matthias Weigelt)

Mental rotation of tactical instructions in basketall

(since 05/2015; Daniel Krause; Till Koopmann [Oldenburg University]; Matthias Weigelt)

Neural correlates of mental rotation of humanoid stimuli

(since 05/2015; Daniel Krause; Benjamin Richert; Matthias Weigelt)

Effects of visual perspective in visuo-motor imitation

(6/2006 - 6/2011; Daniel Krause, Sven Kobow, Norbert Olivier)

Technical Equipment and Software

  • kinematic arm-lever device; potentiometer
  • EEG-system; 16 channels
  • video cameras
  • stabilometer
  • finger-force pad
  • gonimeters

Ehemalige Laborleitung (bis 2022)

Head of Lab

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PD Dr. Iris Güldenpenning

Psychology and Human Movement

Head of Sport Psychology Lab, Head of Movement Science Lab

Write email +49 5251 60-5303