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Department Sport & Gesundheit
Fachschaft Sportwissenschaft
Universität Paderborn
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M.Sc. ANSE - Program for the Welcome Week


All new first semester students

of the MSc Course
“Applied Neurosciences in Sports & Exercise”


Welcome Meeting „Applied Neurosciences in Sports & Exercise“ (ANSE)

Dear first semester students,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Master’s Program „Applied Neurosciences in Sports & Exercise“. We would like to invite you to a first official meeting, which will take place on

October 1st 2019 from 11-12 am in the seminar room in the Golfakademie
(Harsewinkelweg 10)

You are very welcome to participate in the Welcome Week events which are offered for the first semester Bachelor of Arts students in the first October week, too. Please, see their welcome program in the NEWS section (or below) andchoose any of the activities on the agenda like the sporting events and many more.

Furthermore, we would like to invite you a social evening where you can meet each other as well as senior ANSE-students on

October 2nd 2019 from 6-10 pm in SP0.448 (seminar room in SP1)


Kind regards,

Dr. Kirsten Reinecke
(Course Coordinator)





Overview of the program of the Welcome Week


Oct. 1st

11 am – 12 am

Welcome Meeting by the Department of Sports & Health

Seminar room Golfakadmie -  Harsewinkelweg 10

Oct. 2nd

12 am



 6 pm – 10 pm

Sporting event by Fachschaft Sport


Get-together (ANSE students)





Oct. 3rd

  6 pm

Pub crawl by Fachschaft Sport

In front of city hall

Oct. 4th

  1 pm

Final games by Fachschaft Sport

In front of SP1


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