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Department of Exercise & Health
Psychology and Movement Science
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt
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Movie: Sport Psychology Lab

Sport Psychology Lab

(Room SP 0 430)

Head: Dr. Iris Güldenpenning

Members: Nils Böer (Student Research Assistant), Kirsten Budde (Ph.D. Student), Giovanni Pasini (Student Research Assistant), Andrea Polzien (Ph.D. Student)

Current Research Topics

  • Fake actions in sports
  • Perception-action coupling
  • Response inhibition
  • Expertise in sports


The Head-Fake Effect in Basketball in a Quasi-Realistic Setting

(10.2018 – 05.2021; PI Prof. Matthias Weigelt; DFG WE 2800/9-1)

Underlying Mechanisms and Constraints of Head Fakes in Sports

(4.2016-3.2019; PI Dr. Iris Güldenpenning; DFG GU 1683/1-1 in Cooperation with Prof. Wilfried Kunde, Würzburg University)

Do you know why you kick where you do? An investigation into the simultaneous engagement of distinct modes of conscious processing in a natural action task.

(6.2014-5.2016; PI Prof. Matthias Weigelt; DFG WE 2800/8-1 in Cooperation with Prof. Daniel Memmert, German Sports University Cologne)


The Costs of Generating Head Fakes in Sports

(since 10.2019; Iris Güldenpenning)

Effector-Specific Priming-Effects in Martial Arts

(since 10.2017; Andrea Polzien)

Stop-It! Response Inhibition in the Stop-Signal Paradigm

(since October 2019; Dr. Alli Gokeler, Exercise Science Group, in cooperation with Dr. Iris Güldenpenning)

Embodied Cognition in Mental Rotation of Objects and Human Figures

(since 07.2019; Kirsten Budde)

The Joint Simon Effect in Basketball

(since 03.2018; Cooperation with PD Dr. Roman Liepelt; DSHS Köln)

Täuschungshandlungen im Sport: Einflussfaktoren auf die Wahrnehmung von Blicktäuschungen im Basketball

(Ph.D.-studies from Mustafa Alhaj Ahmad Alaboud; 2012-07.2018)

Die Blicktäuschung im Basketball

(Ph.D.-studies from Yvonne Steggemann-Weinrich; 3.2010-10.2014)

Technical Equipment and Software


Dr. Iris Güldenpenning

Psychologie und Bewegung

Iris Güldenpenning
+49 5251 60-5303
SP 1 410

Office hours:

Mittwochs, 13-14 Uhr

The University for the Information Society