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Department of Exercise & Health
Psychology and Movement Science
Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt
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Movie: Physical Exercise and Mental Health

Physical Exercise and Mental Health

Room SP0.404

Head: Dr. Andre Berwinkel

Members: Kristin Thorenz (PhD-student), Jessica Michels (research assistant), Alina Vogel (research assistant)


Current topics:

Sport and exercise therapy in the treatment of psychiatric disorders

Short-term effects of different exercise interventions on Psychological Well-being

Procrastination in a clinical and non-clinical population

Stress and coping-strategies of Physical Education Teachers

Prevention and health promotion in long-term care



ProCare – Prevention and occupational health in long term care (11.2017-09.2020; PI’s Prof. Dr. Thomas Jöllenbeck, Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt & Dr. Andre Berwinkel; TK Hamburg)



Evaluation of Five Guiding Principles in the Treatment of Major Depression Disorder (09.2012 – 07.2017; PhD project of Dr. Andre Berwinkel)

Short-term Effects of Different Interventions on Mental Health (since 01.2019; PhD project of Kristin Thorenz)

Impact of a Box-training Intervention on the Psychological Well-being, the Body Schema, the Resilience, and the Self-efficacy, as well as the Barrier Management of Obese and Overweight Woman (10.2015-06.2018; PhD project of Dr. Gudrun Zimmermann)

The Role of Procrastination in a Clinical-psychiatric Setting (03.2017 – 02.2018; Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt, PD Dr. Christine Norra, Prof. Dr. Katrin Klingsieck, Dr. Andre Berwinkel, Hildegard Bobbert-Eißing)

Procrastination of Physical Exercise in a Student Population (2013-2014; Prof. Dr. Katrin Klingsieck & Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt)

Work-related Stress and Coping Patterns of Physical Education Teachers (2013-2016; Prof. Dr. Matthias Weigelt, Prof. Dr. Katrin Klingsieck, Dr. Astrid Kämpfe & Dr. Kathrin Wunsch)



Clinic of Psychiatry, Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel (Bielefeld)

Clinic of Psychiatry, LWL-Klinik (Paderborn)


Dr. Andre Berwinkel

Psychologie und Bewegung

Andre Berwinkel
+49 5251 60-3138

Office hours:
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